A Long-Lost Might Have Loved, Hyphen (2019)


ashamed of my past shame, Ricepaper Magazine (2016)


Watched and Not Seen: Tech, Power, and Dehumanization, GUTS (2018)

Where Empathy Meets Technology: VR Storytelling, Shameless Magazine (2018) 

On Seeing Chinese Mothers On-Screen, GUTS (2018)

Wanting to Feel Seen While Wanting to Feel Safe, GUTS (2018)

Dim Sum, Pizza Pops, and Secondhand Memories: Defining Home Between Old and New Worlds, LooseLeaf Magazine (2017)

Standing Up For More than Science: Why Scientists Need to Talk about Identity Politics, Scientists Speaking Up (2017)

Food, Race, and Power: Who gets to be an authority on 'ethnic' cuisines?, Intersectional Analyst (2017)

 'Worthy' & 'Unworthy' Victims in the Digital Age: Visualizing Media Coverage in 2015, Intersectional Analyst (2016)

Egg tarts were the taste of my Chinese childhood. I then learned they weren’t what they seemed, The Globe and Mail (2015)

First Death, Human Parts (2015)

Personal Blog (Selected)

On overworking, disposability, and feeling (un)worthy of kindness - What does it take for people of colour to see themselves as they are? (2018)

Copyright as a colonizer’s tool—lessons from the 2018 #ccsummit - Reflecting on learnings from the 2018 Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, Canada (2018)

Being Nice is Not Enough - Conferences need to take codes of conduct seriously—not gloss over anti-harassment and diversity policies with a “Be Nice” rule of thumb. (2017)

Whose Utopia? - The Need for Meaningful Diversity and Human-Centred Design When Imagining a “Scholarly Commons” (2016)

The [first] generation [language] gap - In which I contemplate whether family affection can really exist with a language barrier. (2015)

Other (on data and technology)

Data rights for workers in the gig economy - Data Protection Reflection Stories, Responsible Data (2019)

Addressing stalkerware and gender-based abuse through data protection law - Data Protection Reflection Stories, Responsible Data (2019)

Helping individuals take control of their data - Data Protection Reflection Stories, Responsible Data (2019)

Recidivism data would support the work of youth justice organizations: In conversation with Peacebuilders Canada - Powered by Data blog (2018)

Data for racial equity: what’s happening in Ontario? - Ontario Trillium Foundation Knowledge Centre (2018) 

Consent, data-driven inequities, and the risks of sharing administrative data - Powered by Data blog (2018)


An Untidy Story, self-published (2019)  

Sometimes Love is Quiet, Sometimes It’s Not There At All, self-published, comic (2017)  

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