Sometimes love is quiet, sometimes it's not there at all

Sometimes love is quiet, sometimes it's not there at all is a 10-page comic collection of short stories about the quiet ways in which immigrant families show that they care for one another, contrasted with the struggle that often comes with trying to navigate white spaces.  The zine was created with the support of the Cup Doodle Project - a 9-week comic making workshop and residency for young Asian artists in Toronto to have a shared space to exchange stories about our culture, family histories, experiences, and make art together.  The Cup Doodle Project was supported by Sketch Working Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. I am very grateful to have had such an amazing, kind, and supportive community to work alongside the last few months. 

To make these stories more accessible, I've put the zine online, but if you are interested in supporting my work and purchasing a hard copy of the full 10-page zine, please let me know via the form at the bottom of this page! 


Interested in buying a hard copy?



I only have a few hard copies left, but plan on printing a second batch soon. If you are interested in ordering a hard copy of my zine ($4, plus shipping fees) please leave your contact information below and you'll receive an update once they become available.  Thanks so much for reading!

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Endless thank you's to:

The Cup Doodle Project gang - shout out's to Keet, Philbert, Kit, Sook, Suki - the amazing comic artists I got to work alongside. And a HUGE thank you to Althea Balmes and Loretta Mui for being incredible mentors, feeding us with snacks, and most importantly creating such a safe and supportive space for us to share our stories. 

My family: for teaching me that love can be quiet–rooted in actions, support, and kindness. 

The women, and especially women of colour, in my life; for all the discussions we had that helped me learn to know myself well enough to write these stories.